March 23, 2010

Piggy Bank Dating Idea: Volunteer

I haven't posted any Piggy Bank Dating ideas recently, so I decided it's about time I get back on the wagon.

So here goes...

Piggy Bank Dating idea: VOLUNTEER TOGETHER

About half of you just got really giddy and half of you just gagged at the thought of spending time around new people, strange places and potentially awkward situations.

I LOVE to volunteer. You could call me the Ultimate Volunteer. I have an extensive volunteer resume, including being Key Club President in high school. So, if you're one of those people with the crazy gag reflects, please have an open mind as I talk about volunteering.

Volunteering together is a great way to learn about each other and grow as a couple. You will have a chance to watch your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife as he/she interacts with others in your volunteer activity.

-First of all, volunteering is free!
-You can usually spend as much (or as little) time on your volunteer project as you would like.You may want to spend the whole day, or maybe just a few hours. (Or long term if you fall in love with your volunteer activity or the organization!)
-You're helping others and that organization.
-It is a bonding experience.
-Volunteering is rewarding.

Okay, now that I've sold you on the idea, decide where you and your sweetie would like to volunteer. Here are some ideas:
-local pound
-nursing home (they LOVE young people)
-local festivals
-food kitchen
-well-known organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics, Team In Training, etc.
-lawn maintenance for the elderly
-church youth group
-Children's Church

The possibilities are endless!

If you think of more volunteering ideas, please leave a comment on this post. I love to hear from you...especially when you are sharing your great ideas!

Happy Dating!

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