Piggy Bank Dating was created in August 2009 out of the desire to save money while dating. It started as my own personal experiment and morphed into a hobby.

Rebecca: I'm a twenty-something, web marketing and events manager enjoying life in the Deep South. I love spending time with my husband, Mr. J, my dog, Lucy, and my quirky friends. I grew up in a very frugal family and find it my personal challenge to remain debt free and to save money (especially in the area of fun and "cheap" dates and affordable gifts). You can sometimes find me on my soapbox reminding people to start an emergency savings account...because it's that important to me!

I am newly married to a middle school teacher, and am loving every second of it! We make an effort to be frugal when on dates and in every day life.

I find the deals and ideas I post about to be useful when hanging out with friends and family as well! Who doesn't like to save a little moolah?!

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