March 4, 2010

Cheap (but not in quality) Flowers

There is a florist in town who sells $5 bunches of flowers. $5?! (That totally fits into most budgets!) I checked it out today and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the $5 bunches included bouquets of roses, sunflowers, irises, gerber daisies, etc. Then I thought about how easy it would be for a boyfriend/fiancee/husband to pick up a fresh bouquet of flowers for his girl...for cheap! I mean, I know this isn't a brand-new concept...the whole guy brings girl flowers thing...but the practice should be renewed. And not just for getting out of the doghouse. Or on Valentine's Day (when prices are five times higher than normal).

Check with your florists and find out what deals they may have for in-season bouquets. I'm sure most girls would love to get a bouquet of five irises (or maybe I'm just speaking for myself)...

You can never go wrong with roses!

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