August 5, 2011

PIGGY BANK WEDDING: 1st month of planning and EMOTIONS!

Over the past month, I have experienced the ups and downs of wedding planning. I know I haven't handled my emotions as well as I should have, but I'm keeping it together...I'm still sane!

My emotions (+ and -) list for the 1st month of wedding planning:
+The initial excitement after the proposal and the blingin' ring!
-The moment you freak out because you realize HOW MUCH work/planning you're about to have to do.
+The feeling you get when your friends "Ooh" and "Ahh" over your ring and proposal story!
+The moment you put on THE dress. The one you never pictured until you saw it on your body. The one your mom teared over. The perfect one.
-The moment you realize that all those gorgeous churches downtown are WAY out of your price range.
-Looking over the budget for the first time. And the second time. Third...
-+Moving money around in your budget to splurge in areas.
+The second you tour the perfect venue at the right price.
-The text you receive informing you one of your favorite people in the entire world won't be able to attend your wedding or make your cake.
+The butterflies you get in your tummy when you hear him tell you he loves you.
+The excitement of planning to decorate and make a future home together.
+The moment brilliant wedding inspiration hits you!
-The day you discover your favorite flowers/plants won't be in season.
+The same day you discover your dad can grow those out of season plants so you can have them in your wedding.
+The joys of picking out your Fiesta colors!
+The email that informs you that your favorite photographer is available on your wedding date!

The list can go on...

Friends and Family: Thank you for all your encouragement and ideas over the past month! You know we've (I) needed it!

August 2, 2011

PIGGY BANK WEDDING: "Will you be my Bridesmaid?" Project

One of my favorite wedding projects has been my "Secret Bridal Project"
AKA "MISSION: Will you be my bridesmaid?"

My close friends have always been very important to me. I value their relationships and the time we've spent together. So, when I got engaged, I knew I wanted my sweet friends by my side...and I wanted to ask them to stand by me in a way I hoped would be special. Unfortunately, I don't have unlimited funds, so I wasn't able to have a blow-out evening out or buy them something extravagant. I decided to do something simple and affordable that represents me and my tastes.

I love vintage hankies--there is something so soft and romantic about each one. My grandmother gave me two of hers that I will incorporate into my wedding (possibly wrapped around my bouquet). My mom graciously gave me a small collection to also use for my wedding, and I knew I wanted to share them with my six girls!

The materials I used: a variety of vintage floral handkerchiefs, corsage pins, scrapbook paper, brown gift bags, ink and dress form stamp, tissue paper.

Using scrapbook paper, I wrote the very important question and pinned the tag and a polka dotted translucent layer to the hankie. I folded it and wrapped it in coordinating tissue paper. I put them into small brown gift bags that I dressed up with a cute stamp of a vintage dress form. I hand delivered all but one (that I mailed to Boston). It was so much fun to watch each girl open her floral hankie! I hope they enjoyed receiving them as much as I enjoyed putting them together and delivering them!

They all said, "Yes!"

August 1, 2011

Piggy Bank Wedding Planning: Stress

I was definitely not prepared for the level of stress I would mentally, physically, and emotionally endure after becoming engaged. I should have known. But, I was hoping I would magically be one of those calm, cool and collected brides. Instead, my hair started falling out at the speed of lightning, venue after venue fell through, and budgets became a blur of dollar signs and numbers!

Let me tell you...I've had some incredible support! My mom has done a bulk of the wedding research, calling almost every single church and venue in our area, moving dollars around in our budget and just being absolutely fabulous. My MOH and MatronOH have both been exceptionally supportive with ideas and calming me down when I have freak outs about the most bizarre things. My bridesmaids are all excited for me! And, of course, my fiance has been by my side with every decision and question.

I am happy to say that after a few weeks, we have accomplished much. We have a date, venues (at the right prices), a dress, my bridesmaids, and an almost completed guest list. And, I am also happy to say...I've mellowed out so much since making these decisions! I feel like I can relax a little!

Any suggestions on ways to keep stress from keeping me from enjoying the planning process and engagement period?

For a little comical relief...Lucy sleeping on her new donut bed! Super cute, right?