March 2, 2010

Michaels Coupon: Expires March 6!

Are you one of those creative, sappy girlfriends who makes sweet "tokens of your love" for your sweetie? Lucky you...I wish I was more artsy-fartsy! If you frequent Michaels stores for your craft needs, you'll most likely need this 50% off coupon. Yay coupons! Yay saving money!

Creative, crafty ideas to surprise your sweetie (AKA reasons to use your coupon):
-Make a shadow box of special memories (like the time you almost died really enjoyed going sailing without knowing what you were doing).
-Make a scrapbook. You could give him the book filled with some past memories and add pages to it every month or would have him looking forward to each new page!
-Knit him mittens (so his hands won't be cold when you aren't there to hold them)...hehe, a little too sappy, maybe.
-Buy a heart-shaped box at Michaels and decorate it. Then put in index cards with messages from you of why you love him. One could say, "I love you because you make me laugh when you use your silly old man voice."
-Get one of your favorite pictures of the two of you framed at Michaels (no custom framing with the coupon).

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