March 22, 2010

Free Gum and Starbucks: a dynamic dating combo!

Have you seen those "practice safe breath" commercials? They crack me up every time I see it! Genius marketing, I think. (Although, I have no idea which gum brand it is maybe not.) Anyway, every individual needs fresh breath, whether you're dating someone or not. Here's a chance for a free package of Wrigley's gum. Just remember to chew with your mouth closed! Gum chomping is most unbecoming.

Starbucks fans: How about an early-morning date at Starbucks tomorrow with your sweetie? With this coupon, you can get a free pastry at your local Starbucks because tomorrow (Tuesday, March 23) is DUM DUM DUM...Free Pastry Day! Just remember to purchase a drink before 10:30 am to receive the free pastry and use this coupon.
Thanks again to Money Saving Mom for the heads-up on these great deals!

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