March 18, 2010

Free PhotoStrip with free shipping from Shutterfly

Looking for a cute, inexpensive gift to give to your sweetie? 

Shutterfly is offering a free PhotoStrip (a $2.50 value) for anyone who signs up on or already has signed up on their website.

The PhotoStrips look super cute--sort of like the series of pictures you would take in a Photo Booth at the mall. You can choose 3 to 5 of your own pictures, create your PhotoStrip, and change the pictures to black and white, sepia or vivid. You can even personalize it by adding your own message. You can then have it shipped to yourself or to your honey boo boo (ha! Does anyone actually call your bf/gf "honey boo boo"?)

Some ideas for your PhotoStrip:
-Tuck it into a "just thinking of you" card to let your bf/gf know how much you appreciate him/her.
-Stick it with his/her wrapped birthday gift under the bow to add a little flair.
-Put it on his/her dashboard when he/she is not looking. What a fun surprise!
-Newly engaged? Order more than one and pass the strips out to your family and close friends for a fun memento! 
-Make your PhotoStrip with pictures of your cat or dog (or rabbit!). Who needs more pictures of you and your man/woman, anyway?! ;-)

Go here to create your own PhotoStrip.

MoneySavingMom.comThanks again to Money Saving Mom for a heads up on such a fun and sweet gift idea!

By the way, signing up for Shutterfly is a great way to save money on photo gifts! They periodically offer these specials...sometimes even cheap photobooks. It's definitely worth signing up for free and receiving their special offer emails.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I just placed my order. I'm thinking about including it in my fiance's Easter basket :)

  2. These would make good bookmarks, too!


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