April 30, 2010

More free ice cream!

Haven't gotten tired of my free/cheap ice cream deals yet?  It's becoming a bit excessive, I must admit.  I told Jerr the other day that we should start introducing ourselves by saying, "...and we eat a lot of free ice cream."  We aren't complaining either.  :-) 

So here's another one, but you may have to wait several months (unless you're me!).

Make it a sweet birthday date with a free 2.5 oz scoop of ice cream at Baskin-Robbins on your birthday when you join the B-R Birthday Club here.

Once you join, you will receive an email five days before your birthday with your coupon.  You will also receive a discount on an ice cream birthday cake. Sign up today before you forget and you'll have a sweet little surprise waiting for you close to your bday!

Looks like I will get to visit Baskin-Robbins again next month! Yippee!

Thanks, @LivingFrugal!

April 29, 2010

5 Redbox Movie Rental Movie Codes (Albertsons)

I wish I had all 5 Redbox codes for you in this post, but this deal requires a little work...and a little moo-lah.  Spend $20 on P&G products at Albertsons and get 5 Free Redbox Movie Rental Codes (AKA 5 Free Movie Date Nights!).

These are items you might have in your buggy anyway.  Keep in mind, you must buy them all in one single transaction.

Here are the participating products (there are more not listed): Always, Aussie, Bounce, Bounty, Cascade, Charmin, Crest, Dawn, Downy, Duracell, Ivory, Mr Clean, Nice N’ Easy, NyQuil, Olay, Oral-B, Pampers, Pepco, Prilosec, Pringles, Febreeze, Gain, Gillette, head and Shoulders, Iams, Puffs, Secret, Swiffer, Tampax, Tide and Vicks

The codes will print out on the Albertsons receipt.

I wish we had an Albertsons in my city. :-( Thanks, MoJo Savings!

Borders 40% off coupon

Borders has a printable coupon for 40% off one book.  Get your coupon hereIt expires 5/1. *You must have a Borders Rewards Membership. There is also a promo code for online ordering on the coupon.

Ways to use your coupon:
-Grab a book for your bookworm that you know he/she has been dying to read! Wrap it up and surprise him/her by leaving it somewhere unexpected (like in the car or desk chair)!


-Make it a date!  Get two coupons, go to the store and then split up.  Separately purchase books that you think your significant other will enjoy.  Then go to a nearby park (with a picnic blanket and snack) and start reading!

Thanks, MoJo Savings!

April 28, 2010

5 free movie rentals!

Well, I just love Coupon Dad.  He's got us all covered for an entire month of free movie rental date nights!

Here are the provided codes for free rentals at Blockbuster Express (you know...the kiosks similar to Redbox?!):

-Free Rental Code: CALENDAR
-Free Rental Code: G414A
-Free Rental Code: BBXPUB
-Free Rental Code: G614A (expires 05/05/2010)
-Free Rental Code: GT13A (expires 5/31/2010)
*UPDATE: Coupon Dad added this one today: Free Rental Code: G415A

Just remember to return them before 9pm the next day! Also, please let me know if one of the codes don't work and I'll make sure to delete it.

Thanks, Coupon Dad (and you have other people to thank)!

**If you are having withdrawals from your beloved Redbox, here's a free promo code just for you: BREAKROOM

April 27, 2010

Affordable gifts

Looking for some smaller (inexpensive) gifts for your love?

Follow me on Twitter for my RTs with links to great gifts for him and her! 

Today's gift ideas: Free 1-year subscription to MONEY magazine, $10 off coupon for $25 Yankee Candles, Free return labels, Pioneer Woman's Le Creuset Giveaway, and Free 2-year LEGO magazine subscription (yes, I realize it's for 6 year olds, but have you met my bf?).

I mean, MoneySavingMom is following me on Twitter...so why aren't you? Ha...okay, I'm just a little excited that she decided to follow me! :-)

More cheap dates and freebies!

Did I say "freebies?!" Woohoo!  I love discovering great new deals that have the potential to turn into great dates or affordable gift ideas!  Today's post is going to be a mishmash of ideas and deals, so just pick and choose from what will work for you.

- Make it an early date.  Get a free bagel and shmear at Einstein Bagels just by "liking them" on Facebook!  Click the offer tab and then print the coupon that appears.
- Eat cheap.  Get $25 gift certificates at restaurant.com for $2 during the 80% off sale using promo code: MEAL. Offer ends 4/30
- Eat cheap at Olive Garden Get a printable $5 off 2 entrees coupon here.
- Grab dessert for only pennies...literally.  Get 31¢ ice cream scoops TOMORROW ONLY (Wed., 4/28) at Baskin-Robbins from 5pm-10pm.  This fundraising event raises money for fire fighters! More info here.
- Rent a gangsta movie for free. (Okay, or a chick flick...whatever floats your boat!) Rent at the Redbox using the promo code: DVDONME. Works once with each credit card. 
- Make your sweetie an adorable (and affordable) gift using this Michael's 40% off coupon and my list of gift ideas.
- Label gifts for your sweetie for $3!  Vista Print is offering free customizable labels (just pay shipping).  These would make cute gifts or return labels for Save-the-Dates and wedding invites!  (Thanks, TheCouponHigh) *Update: I added this after posting.*

Thanks to these people for letting me know about some of the offers: MoJo Savings, MoneySavingMom, and 365CheapDates.

April 26, 2010

Guest Post: Long Distance Relationships

I talk a lot about saving money dating someone who lives nearby, but I realize there are many of you who are in long distance relationships.  It's probably slightly difficult to get free ice cream together 450 miles apart!  That doesn't mean that couples in long distance relationships can't have fun and be frugal--it's just takes a little creativity!  And on that creative and frugal note: meet my best friend, Emily.
Isn't she beautiful?

Emily is by nature a saver.  She is very good with her budget and rarely falters.  She puts me to shame often.  We decided long ago that we need each other on shopping ventures: me to tell her to actually buy something and her to tell me not to!  My frugal friend Emily met her very cute boyfriend, Richey (Hey Richey!), and it has been easy to tell that they are perfect for each other.  The only thing is...Richey lives in one state and Emily lives in another.  But that hasn't stopped them from having fun dates and spending time together! (And I'm not just talking about spending 8 hours on the phone together!)  I asked Emily to write about how she and Richey date long distance to give some of you ideas, suggestions and inspiration (to keep you going until you see each other again!).  Please feel free to write questions or comments to Emily on this blog post, and I'll make sure she has a chance to answer. :-) Read on for Emily's post:

I (Emily) live in AL, and he (Richey) lives in TX -- 9 hours away.  Of course, being so far apart limits the number of  Friday night dinner, Saturday matinees, and leisurely Sunday afternoons in the park we have, but despite the distance, we’ve learned how to have memorable (and fun) dates. And, even better, we save lots of money. Here are our tips for having fun together apart.

1) Skype.
This video call/live chat service is free, you don’t use up minutes on your cell, and you get to see each other -- what could be better?  (Plus, I found my webcam on eBay for under $15!)

2) Play games.
There are plenty of games you can play over the internet! Some of our favorites are the Scrabble Facebook app (Richey is the reigning champ) and Mad Libs.

3) Write Letters.
Enough said. How romantic!

4) eFlowers.
It sounds cheesy, but I love it. Richey occasionally sends me virtual flowers through flowers2mail.com, and it always brightens my day. Through this website, he creates his own arrangements, writes a customized (an oh-so-sweet!) note and sends the bouquet to my email. And the best part? It’s free! Since Richey is in school, he doesn’t have a lot of extra cash to fork out for fresh flower arrangements (which are, in my opinion, ridiculously expensive, as beautiful as they are). It really is the thought that counts!

5) Make a wish list.
After throwing around several ideas of things we wanted to do together one day -- and subsequently forgetting many of those things -- Richey and I started a wish list. It includes things such as watching The Fox and the Hound, visiting a Medieval-themed restaurant, writing a book together, Richey teaching me how to skip a stone, and having a late-night picnic under the stars.

6) Watch movies.
We like to rent the same DVDs and synchronize them on our computers. Or, to keep the cost down, we watch movies online. (Hulu and YouTube are our go-to sites for free movies!) We usually Skye during our movie dates so we can comment on the movies and watch other’s reactions – it’s the next best thing to watching a movie in person (minus the cuddling, of course)!

7) Read.
We’ve found that reading some of the same things, whether it’s devotionals, articles online, or bedtime stories (yes, he reads me bedtime stories!), not only gives us something to discuss, but gives us something to share in spite of the distance between us.  

April 21, 2010

Spring Date Idea!

Hello!  It's a beautiful day in the Deep South!  And the perfect time to do a little gardening! 

Today's cheap date idea is just in time for Earth Day (4/22)!  Grab your honeyboo and plant a garden of veggies.  Or, plant a salsa garden--complete with peppers and spices! (I know of a great salsa recipe at The Pioneer Woman's website!)  If you're not into the fiesta, sow some mixed wildflower seeds in a large planter and be surprised at what colors bloom!  The planting possibilities are endless!  Seeds are inexpensive, and you don't have to purchase a pot or soil if you have a little space you can clear in your backyard (unless you live in a townhouse like me!).  Have fun getting dirty together (I meant...actually dirty with dirt...ha) and enjoy watching your plants grow!

Just don't forget to water your garden every day!

April 20, 2010

Free Dessert from Carrabba's Italian Grill

Are you heading out for some Italian soon?  Get a free mini dessert at Carrabba's Italian Grill when you become a fan of the restaurant on Facebook.  Once you become a fan, you are asked several questions (like a survey). You are then emailed the coupon.  I don't know how filling or large a mini dessert is...but definitely worth trying out if you are already going to be eating at Carrabba's and purchasing an entree.  Get your coupon here.

Thanks, Coupon Dad!

April 17, 2010

And the winner is...

We have a winner of the $10 Starbucks Gift Card!

Karisa @ Karisa Tells All! Karisa, I hope you enjoy your coffee date with your man!

Thank you to everyone who answered the poll and entered my giveaway! I'll make sure to have more giveaways, so check back often! 

I enjoyed reading your comments about your favorite dates. Many of you liked creative and fun dates, while others enjoyed a nice dinner and dessert, the beach, nature, etc. 

No matter what your idea of your perfect evening with your honey is, you can be frugal and have fun!

Here are some suggestions for spending less the next time you plan your favorite date:
-Beach Day:  Grab your swimsuit, kite, and picnic basket and head to the nearest body of water!  Enjoy the sunshine with your sweetie and make sure to take pictures for photo gifts later (you can find these deals on my blog)!  Get some free TCBY ice cream on your way back!
-Go out for a nice dinner and dessert: Purchase gift certificates at restaurant.com when they have 80% off sales (I always remind you of their sales on my Twitter) and you will score $25 gift certificates for about $2 at local resturants.  The choices of restaurants usually range from low-key eateries to very nice, upscale resturants.  JerrBear and I love going to some of the nicest restaurants in town and sometimes add an appetizer or dessert to our meal--which is balanced out with the money we save with our gift certificate.  For dessert: grab a Dairy Queen Blizzard (buy 1 get 1 for $.25) or B1G1 smoothie at Jamba Juice.  Follow me on Twitter for details about other dessert offers!
-Low-Key evening together: Grab some cheap take-out from Panda Express with this coupon and rent a free movie with this Redbox promo code: DVDONME.  Then, enjoy snuggling on the couch together eating Chinese and watching the newest release together!
-Creative Date:  I try to periodically add new and cheap creative date ideas.  Look back on previous blog entries to find some ideas.  The weather right now is perfect for heading to your local playground and acting like kids together or create a scavenger hunt for your babe, complete with clues that will take the two of you around town to discover some new places!  Also, I loved this great date idea from Niki (see her comment on the giveaway post): "I love to put the kiddo to bed, have hubby make a fire in our patio firepit in our own yard and snuggle on the patio, roasting marshmallows and drinking a coffee or two while we catch up with each other."
-Spend time in nature: This week is the perfect time to head to your closest National Park and enjoy FREE park entry with your nature-lover!  Hike, camp or take pictures of wildflowers, wild animals and landscapes!
-Head to the movies: If you want to catch the newest blockbuster hit, get a free movie ticket with this deal!  You'll also have plenty of candy to "sneak" into the movies!

I will continue to post cheap date ideas, as well as have giveaways for all my favorite followers!  Be on the look out for a fabulous guest post soon!  Also, you can follow me on Twitter for more deals!

Happy Dating!

April 12, 2010

The Perfect Date is...

Hi, y'all!

I've reached my destination for the evening and will be heading to Tennessee tomorrow morning! While I'm away for the week, I'd love to find out more about what you like to do on dates! What is your idea of the perfect date? Please answer the poll to the side of this post to give me a better idea of the kinds of deals to look for in the coming weeks. A random winner will be selected from the participants to win a $10 Starbucks gift card! (You know I had to throw a little incentive in there! $10 will cover a coffee date, right?!)

To enter the giveaway for the $10 gift card, please answer the poll and then leave a comment on this blog post telling me you have selected your favorite date (you don't have to tell me which date if you don't wanna). If your name does not link to your blog, please leave an email address so that I can contact you if you are the winner of the gift card. The winner will be selected randomly. The poll closes Friday night.

Have a great week! Happy Dating!

A note to my friends:

Hi! I wanted to let you know I'll be traveling to the mountains this week for a work trip.  I won't be able to update my blog with new deals and date ideas, but I will have a chance to tweet about deals I find and what's going on during my trip.  If you don't already, please follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com/PiggyBankDating

Can't wait to hear from you!  Talk to you soon!

April 9, 2010

The week of awesome photo deals: gift ideas

I am going to nickname this week "the week of awesome photo deals!"  All these photo deals make great gifts for your significant other...or mom, dad and the mailman!  I have posted several cool photo deals already this week (some offers have already expired), and I'll go ahead and finish the week off with some spectacular deals!  I hope you've had your camera busy this past month! 

Photo deals:
  • Free 8x10 Photo Print at Walgreens.  TODAY ONLY.  Order online or in store. Use promo code at check out on Walgreen's Photo website: BIG8X10.  Or print out this coupon and take it to the photo department in the store.  You can pick up your print in the store. Thanks, Money Saving Mom!
  • Vista Print is having a Spring Sale and offering 12 freebies!  Go here to find out more about the free deals!  I'm not sure when the offer ends.  Be aware that you will have to pay shipping. Thanks, MoJo Savings! Some potential gifts are: 100 FREE Standard Postcards, 10 FREE Invitations & Announcements, 1 FREE 4×8 Invitation, 1 FREE 4×6 Photo Flip Book,  1 FREE Photo T-shirt, 1 FREE Photo Mug, 1 FREE Rubber Stamp, 1 FREE Sticky Note Pad, 140 FREE Return Address Label

  • Free photo calendar from HP.  Go here to create your customized monthly or single month calendar! Thanks, The Frugal Girls!
With these deals (and these previous deals), you should have all your gifts taken care of for the next few months!  


April 8, 2010

Another sweet after dinner treat!

Free ice cream is always a welcome thing in my life! I stumbled upon this deal and had to share it with you!

Join TCBY's eClub and receive a free waffle cone!  You and your sugarbear can each sign up and get a printable coupon for a free ice cone for a great after-dinner date treat!  Sign up here.  The coupon I was emailed expires 5/8/10 (but it may vary for other individuals).  The fine print states: Limit one coupon per person per visit (that just means you can "go dutch" on this date!).  I believe you also receive a coupon on your birthday.

Thanks, MoJo Savings.

**If you're hungry for more ice cream deals, visit this blog post for a B1G1 free Bruster's coupon! Expires 4/30.


April 7, 2010

Another Snapfish Photo Deal: Gift Idea

Snapfish's continued birthday celebration has brought about another great photo deal: 10 free 5x7 prints with any purchase!  Frame a few of these prints for a great gift for your sweetie! Or, use them to make a collage celebrating your anniversary.  And of course, use them for your scrapbook! You don't have to spend much money to get the free prints: just order a 4x6 print or two or order a small photo book.  The promotion code for the free prints is APR7BD. The offer expires 4/9. Just a reminder: if you haven't ordered anything before from Snapfish, you also can receive 20 free 4x6 prints with your first upload (see Snapfish website for more info).

If you are photo printing crazy today, order and pick up your 20 free 4x6 prints at Walgreens (TODAY ONLY) with this coupon or use the coupon code: Prints2. Thanks, Free2BFrugal!

That's 50 free prints today! I'm pretty sure I could create a lot of fun gifts with all those photos from our 10 months of dating! Hmm...maybe a framed picture of our sailboat, a scrapbook of our first year together, black and white photo collage for his house...

**Don't forget! The other Snapfish offers I mentioned here end TODAY! Get your photobook, photo mugs, and 100 4x6 prints for all just $10 each!**

ALSO: I found this website, ArtsCow, is offering 1200 free prints for new members.  I don't know anything about the company, the quality of their photos, or how much $ shipping would be for 1200 prints.  Go to their website for more info.  Here are some of the promotion rules:
  1. Offer applies to new registrants only
  2. Please use the credits between the start time and expire time
  3. 100 free 4x6 and 50 free 5x7 print credits can be used per month.
  4. One use per household. *Only the first new register can entitle to enjoy this promotion offer in the network place.
  5. Promotion details may change at any time without notice
  6. Shipping fees are not included
  7. ArtsCow.com reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time without notice
    Please let me know if you have used this offer before!

    April 6, 2010

    Monthly Movie Monday @ Redbox

    Redbox (you know, the red movie kiosks--$1 rental per night) has a free movie deal on their website for anyone who can receive texts on a cell phone.

    Join the Redbox Text Club to receive a free rental on Monthly Movie Monday. Here are the details from the Redbox website:
    • Login or Create Account on redbox.com
    • Go to Your Account and select 'Edit Notifications & Subscriptions'
    • Enter your mobile number and check the box next to Monthly Movie Monday
    • Click "Save" and you're done!

      You will then receive a code for a free movie rental on the first Monday of every month...which was yesterday. Sorry if I got you really excited about getting a code this month! I did receive my code via text yesterday and rented my movie. I was disappointed to find out the code only works for that same day, and of course you can't share the code with anyone else. Otherwise, you guys know I would have given you all the code!   

      Go ahead and sign up today so you'll get a nice surprise next month when you get your text on May 3!

      Monthly Movie Monday is about to turn into Monday Date Night!

      April 5, 2010

      Free Movie Ticket from Hershey's!

      Hershey's chocolate company is offering a "sweet deal!"  Just buy four bags of (participating) Hershey's candy, fill out the online form, print the form and mail it and the candy proof of purchases to the provided address.  You should then receive an email with instructions to redeem your free movie ticket.

      I'm sure that you can find plenty of Hershey's Easter candy on sale today...which would make this deal so much sweeter!  The Bargain Woman found a great deal on Hershey's candy at Walgreens: $0.25 a bag! If those bags work for the movie ticket promotion, that would make a $12 movie ticket only $1! Sounds like a cheap date to me!

      Find out more about the Hershey's Movie Ticket promotion here.

      THEN, head over to The Bargain Woman and follow her Hershey's candy deal!

      Please let me know if you have any problems with the promotion!

      Be careful of what type of candy you buy for this promotion. The fine print states: Collect and send in four (4) UPCs from 10oz. or larger packages of HERSHEY'S KISSES Chocolates, REESE'S Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures, HERSHEY'S MINIATURES Chocolate Bars or YORK Peppermint Patties to receive one (1) Fandango Promotional Code good for one (1) movie ticket valued at up to $12.00 sent via email. Offer valid between 4/1/10 and 6/30/10.

      Free day @ SeaWorld for Active Duty Military: Great Date!

      If you or your military hunk are active duty, sign up for the Here's to the Heros offer and enjoy the following:
      • Complimentary admission for active duty military representing all five service branches, active members of a reserve or National Guard unit, and/or up to three direct dependents.
      • Valid for one complimentary single-day admission per person, per year, to one of the following SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment parks:
        o SeaWorld Orlando, San Diego, or San Antonio
        o Busch Gardens Tampa Bay or Williamsburg
        o Sesame Place
        o Adventure Island
        o Water Country USA

      Find out more information here. This offer ends 12/31/2010.

      {I am assuming the three extra tickets are only for husbands, wives, or children. I doubt this will work for boyfriend/girlfriend.}

      Thanks for the heads up on this wonderful offer, Southern Savers!

      Snapfish Photo Deals: Great Gift Ideas!

      Snapfish is having its 10th birthday celebration and offering some great deals to customers!

      Here are three deals that could become inexpensive gifts for your honey bear:
      • Classic Photo Book for $10. Code: APR1BD Ends 4/7.
      • Two Collage Mugs for $10. Code: APR3BD Ends 4/7.
      • 100 Prints for $10 (including shipping). This would be great for a scrapbook! Code: APR5BD Ends 4/7.
      You also receive 20 FREE 4x6 prints with your first upload. 

      Go to the Snapfish website to order your gifts! I'll let you know if Snapfish offers more great deals!

      Golf Magazine $5 per year

      Amazon is offering a year subscription to Golf Magazine (with an automatic renewal) for $5! That's a 90% savings! This would be a great gift for your man (if he's the golfing type)! If you only want a year's worth, cancel your subscription after receiving your magazine.

      Go here to order your golf fanatic's Golf subscription!

      Thanks, A Frugal Friend!

      April 1, 2010

      Bruster's Ice Cream B1G1 Coupon

      Just in case you have a hankering for some yummy and cheap ice cream on one of your dates: here is a buy one get on free coupon for Bruster's Expires 4/30. Thanks, Money Saving Mom!

      Piggy Bank Dating Idea: Library

      You don't have to visit your local library for books...

      Check out your library's schedule for interesting, free and fun events! (Thanks for the reminder, frugal friend Emily!) Some libraries sponsor off-mainstream movie viewings or poetry readings (<--- not everyone can handle poetry readings!)

      Or, you can take your sweetie to the library to browse through your favorite magazines or mystery books. 

      Most libraries carry DVDs for rent ($1 or free)!  Forget about REDBOX and rent a stack of movies to watch with your movie buff over your Good Friday day off!  Go with a movie theme: Rent Alfred Hitchcock mysteries, the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy, or the 4th Season of The Office.

      If you have a lot of extra time to kill: Pick up some books about your hobbies and read through them to learn more each others interests and passions.