March 12, 2010

80% off Sale at

I received an email announcing another 80% off sale at These sales are GOLDEN. It basically means you can purchase a $25 gift certificate online to a local restaurant for about $2. Just visit and select your area. Browse the eateries and find places you would like to eat on a date, to celebrate something, or to hang out with the family. Use the code BITE at the checkout to get your 80% off. This is a great deal! (Make sure to read the fine print on each coupon).

The offer ends Tuesday, March 16.

I'd love to hear about your experiences with these coupons. Did you have a difficult time using them at the restaurant, or was it a breeze?


  1. thanks for sharing. I just ordered my first one...we'll see how this goes :) I've always heard good things about, so I thought I'd give it a try.

  2. You're welcome! Please let me know how it goes! I've ordered four and haven't used any yet. My friend used one at True and had no problems. It saved them about $24.

  3. I use them all the time. they are awesome!


Thanks for the comment love! <3 Rebecca!