May 19, 2010

Blockbuster Express Free Movie Rentals!

If you've already used the Blockbuster Express free movie rental promo codes I posted here, don't fret!  I've got six more for you!

So, here's to another month of free movie date nights! 
Blockbuster Express promo codes:
-Free rental code: W67DY3
-Free rental code:  2XPEWG
-Free rental code: 1LSG76
-Free rental code: SSD15A2 (may be expired)
-Free rental code: GT14A
-Free rental code: GT15A

Locate the nearest Blockbuster Express kiosk here.

These codes are not guaranteed to work, but have been found to be successful at most kiosks. If a code doesn't work for you, please let me know.  Actually, please let me know either way! I'd love to hear if you find these helpful! Also, remember to return the movie before 9pm the next evening or you will be charged $1 to your credit card. These codes are good once per credit card.

Thank you so very much, Coupon Dad!

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