May 3, 2010

Flip photo book for $1.99!

What better way to document your relationship with your honeybear than with a flip photo book?  Buy one for yourself or give it to your significant other to celebrate your time together or a specific memory! 

The good news: get a spiral bound 45 page 5 x7 Flip Book from Snapfish for the cost of shipping ($1.99) here.  Use the promo code:  ALLYOUMOM.  Yes, I realize this is a Mother's Day deal, but Mom wants a magazine subscription for $5.

Other uses for your flip book:
-Make a 2009 memory book of all you and your bf/gf's favorite things from 2009.
-Actually make a flip book for Mom with old pictures of your family.
-Propose to her. Use pictures of the two of you doing fun things together and the last page would say "Will you marry me, _______?"

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