May 5, 2010

Affordable gift idea: Going Old School

This might remind you of high school, but wasn't it always a sweet gesture to receive a mixed CD (or tape, you 80s folk!) from your special admirer?  Totally cheesy, I know!  But totally sweet and fun!  I'm not gonna lie, I have kept every single CD every guy gave me. I have CDs with songs by the Backstreet Boys, Lonestar, the BeeGees, Bryan Adams, *insert random artist here*.  And half those CDs are labeled: "To Rebecca, I love you!" HA!  I laugh when I pop them into my car CD player every now and then.

So, have I inspired you to make your sweetie a mixed CD or did I just deter you with my pack-rack tendencies?!

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  1. I so completely agree - I absolutely LOVE when somebody makes me a mix!


Thanks for the comment love! <3 Rebecca!