May 20, 2010

A tip when ordering gifts online.

I just wanted to share a Piggy Bank Dating tip with you. In fact, it's more of a reminder than a tip. Most of you already know to do this, but we (I'm including myself in this) need a friendly reminder.

When ordering a gift online for your special someone (or anyone), always do a quick Google or Swagbucks* search for a coupon. The online coupon can give you a certain % off or get you free shipping.  Or better--both!

I recently ordered someone's birthday gift online. He wanted a special case for his iPhone, and I knew I could get it at a brand name website. Because I didn't go the cheaper Amazon or Ebay route, and because it was a bit pricey, I made sure to google the company's name and the word "coupon." I was amazed at what popped up in my search results! I found several coupons! Most of the coupons were for 10% off, but as I looked at each coupon, I eventually found a coupon that was not only 10% off, but also offered free shipping. All I had to do was copy the promo code into the box at the checkout and it accepted it! So, I easily saved $10 just by taking a few minutes to search for a coupon code!

This same process may also work when ordering clothing, books, name it!

*Swagbucks is "an online portal dedicated to helping you earn digital dollars called Swag Bucks, which can be redeemed for 1000's of awesome prizes." It's just like Google or Bing except you earn points for random searches. You can sign up for Swagbucks here. <------- I get referral points if you sign up through thank you for signing up using that link! :-)

**Also, the Gussy shop credit Giveaway is still open! Enter here for your chance to win!**


  1. Thanks for the info! And I will use your link :)

  2. Thanks, Franchesca! I'm saving up my points to redeem them for a Starbucks gift card or Amazon gift card! Swagbucks is easy to use...just like Google. And if you forget to use it, you can install a toolbar that makes it easily accessible. (I haven't installed it yet.)

    Plus, it's fun to win! :-)

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Thanks for the comment love! <3 Rebecca!