April 28, 2010

5 free movie rentals!

Well, I just love Coupon Dad.  He's got us all covered for an entire month of free movie rental date nights!

Here are the provided codes for free rentals at Blockbuster Express (you know...the kiosks similar to Redbox?!):

-Free Rental Code: CALENDAR
-Free Rental Code: G414A
-Free Rental Code: BBXPUB
-Free Rental Code: G614A (expires 05/05/2010)
-Free Rental Code: GT13A (expires 5/31/2010)
*UPDATE: Coupon Dad added this one today: Free Rental Code: G415A

Just remember to return them before 9pm the next day! Also, please let me know if one of the codes don't work and I'll make sure to delete it.

Thanks, Coupon Dad (and you have other people to thank)!

**If you are having withdrawals from your beloved Redbox, here's a free promo code just for you: BREAKROOM

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