April 27, 2010

Affordable gifts

Looking for some smaller (inexpensive) gifts for your love?

Follow me on Twitter for my RTs with links to great gifts for him and her! 

Today's gift ideas: Free 1-year subscription to MONEY magazine, $10 off coupon for $25 Yankee Candles, Free return labels, Pioneer Woman's Le Creuset Giveaway, and Free 2-year LEGO magazine subscription (yes, I realize it's for 6 year olds, but have you met my bf?).

I mean, MoneySavingMom is following me on Twitter...so why aren't you? Ha...okay, I'm just a little excited that she decided to follow me! :-)


  1. Those are some great ideas.

    Meanwhile, feel free to head to my blog on Wednesday 4/28, you will be photo tagged!

  2. Richey likes Legos too. He signed up for the free newsletter!

  3. Jerr just informed me that LEGO magazine has always been free and that he has been getting it for ten years. Well then...


Thanks for the comment love! <3 Rebecca!