April 17, 2010

And the winner is...

We have a winner of the $10 Starbucks Gift Card!

Karisa @ Karisa Tells All! Karisa, I hope you enjoy your coffee date with your man!

Thank you to everyone who answered the poll and entered my giveaway! I'll make sure to have more giveaways, so check back often! 

I enjoyed reading your comments about your favorite dates. Many of you liked creative and fun dates, while others enjoyed a nice dinner and dessert, the beach, nature, etc. 

No matter what your idea of your perfect evening with your honey is, you can be frugal and have fun!

Here are some suggestions for spending less the next time you plan your favorite date:
-Beach Day:  Grab your swimsuit, kite, and picnic basket and head to the nearest body of water!  Enjoy the sunshine with your sweetie and make sure to take pictures for photo gifts later (you can find these deals on my blog)!  Get some free TCBY ice cream on your way back!
-Go out for a nice dinner and dessert: Purchase gift certificates at restaurant.com when they have 80% off sales (I always remind you of their sales on my Twitter) and you will score $25 gift certificates for about $2 at local resturants.  The choices of restaurants usually range from low-key eateries to very nice, upscale resturants.  JerrBear and I love going to some of the nicest restaurants in town and sometimes add an appetizer or dessert to our meal--which is balanced out with the money we save with our gift certificate.  For dessert: grab a Dairy Queen Blizzard (buy 1 get 1 for $.25) or B1G1 smoothie at Jamba Juice.  Follow me on Twitter for details about other dessert offers!
-Low-Key evening together: Grab some cheap take-out from Panda Express with this coupon and rent a free movie with this Redbox promo code: DVDONME.  Then, enjoy snuggling on the couch together eating Chinese and watching the newest release together!
-Creative Date:  I try to periodically add new and cheap creative date ideas.  Look back on previous blog entries to find some ideas.  The weather right now is perfect for heading to your local playground and acting like kids together or create a scavenger hunt for your babe, complete with clues that will take the two of you around town to discover some new places!  Also, I loved this great date idea from Niki (see her comment on the giveaway post): "I love to put the kiddo to bed, have hubby make a fire in our patio firepit in our own yard and snuggle on the patio, roasting marshmallows and drinking a coffee or two while we catch up with each other."
-Spend time in nature: This week is the perfect time to head to your closest National Park and enjoy FREE park entry with your nature-lover!  Hike, camp or take pictures of wildflowers, wild animals and landscapes!
-Head to the movies: If you want to catch the newest blockbuster hit, get a free movie ticket with this deal!  You'll also have plenty of candy to "sneak" into the movies!

I will continue to post cheap date ideas, as well as have giveaways for all my favorite followers!  Be on the look out for a fabulous guest post soon!  Also, you can follow me on Twitter for more deals!

Happy Dating!

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