August 30, 2010

Weekend Update!

Welcome to our very first "Weekend Update" on PBD! I want to hear about what you did this did you have a mini "staycation," did you go out and have a frugal date, did you splurge and blow the budget? Are you the stay-out-home type or the paint the town type of person? "Weekend Updates" should be fun and help me get to know what type of deals and ideas you like to read about! What do ya think, wanna comment on the very first PBD "Weekend Update?" I know you do... 

I'll start: Friday evening I attended a friend's birthday party at a small local restaurant. It was somewhat "single ladies" themed and we all dressed up and enjoyed spending time with the beautiful birthday girl! Here's a peek at that little black dress I told y'all about in Friday's post (I love TJ Maxx!).

Saturday evening was split into two parts--both super fun! The first half of the evening I hung out with one of my very favorite friends and her puppies (eeek! Love 'em!). Cute little doggies = "cheap" date. We watched the new BBC/Masterpiece "Emma." Diiivine, I tell you! What girl doesn't love a little Jane Austen?! 

The second half of the evening was spent with another very fun person! We ended up having a cheap, but exciting, late night adventure...driving out of our sometimes boring city and exploring another town. What a blast! 

Now it's your turn! What did you do this past weekend?

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