August 1, 2011

Piggy Bank Wedding Planning: Stress

I was definitely not prepared for the level of stress I would mentally, physically, and emotionally endure after becoming engaged. I should have known. But, I was hoping I would magically be one of those calm, cool and collected brides. Instead, my hair started falling out at the speed of lightning, venue after venue fell through, and budgets became a blur of dollar signs and numbers!

Let me tell you...I've had some incredible support! My mom has done a bulk of the wedding research, calling almost every single church and venue in our area, moving dollars around in our budget and just being absolutely fabulous. My MOH and MatronOH have both been exceptionally supportive with ideas and calming me down when I have freak outs about the most bizarre things. My bridesmaids are all excited for me! And, of course, my fiance has been by my side with every decision and question.

I am happy to say that after a few weeks, we have accomplished much. We have a date, venues (at the right prices), a dress, my bridesmaids, and an almost completed guest list. And, I am also happy to say...I've mellowed out so much since making these decisions! I feel like I can relax a little!

Any suggestions on ways to keep stress from keeping me from enjoying the planning process and engagement period?

For a little comical relief...Lucy sleeping on her new donut bed! Super cute, right?


  1. Congrats on the engagement!! That doggie bed is ADORABLE. Would you mind sharing where you got it from?


  2. Thanks! We got the donut bed at Walgreens (of all places) for about $12! {Piggy Bank Puppy!}

  3. Rebecca, you've gotten tons done in a really short period of time! Maybe with the BIG decisions made you'll be able to enjoy the whole countdown to the wedding! I'm just tickled for you and Tim!

  4. Thanks! I appreciate your encouragement!

    <3 Rebecca


Thanks for the comment love! <3 Rebecca!