November 26, 2010

Tips for the Unemployed: My Happy List

To follow up my PART 1 Career Update, I've come up with a list to encouraged any one who may unemployed. 
Please do not lose hope! Unemployment is temporary.

These are some things that helped me remain happy while unemployed:
-Do something you've always wanted to do, but never had the time before.
-Get out of bed every morning...and then make it. Making your bed always makes life seem a little more put together.
-Wear your favorite outfits. Keep yourself looking cute/sharp. You'll feel more confident. Don't let yourself go.
-Make a positive change. Get a cute haircut. Stop a bad habit.
-Stay positive. Laugh. Know that unemployment is temporary.
-Be spontaneous.
-Keep yourself in a routine, if possible.
-Talk with friends and family who will encourage you.
-Organize your closets. Clean out your car. Do those chores you never seemed to have time for before.
-Pick up a new hobby. It doesn't have to be an expensive one. Just something you can
-Dream BIG. Write down your dreams/desires and then figure out how to implement them.
-Write down your goals. Career and life goals.
-Don't beat yourself up. Yes, make sure to spend a significant time searching for jobs and contacting future employers, but don't cry if you don't reach a goal of job searching 35 hours a week (yeah, I tried that and crashed).
-Trust God. No explanation needed.

I hope this lists encourages someone. I know we don't go through events like this without a reason. Being unemployed twice made me stronger, more confident and more grateful. Please email me if you need someone to talk to about unemployment. {piggybankdating @ gmail dot com}

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