October 15, 2010

How to Score Free Movie Rentals: REDBOX

There's a few things in life that I have decided to try to always get for free. One of those things--movie rentals. (Maybe this is why Blockbuster just went bankrupt?) Here's one of the ways I get free movie rentals.

You can rent DVDs at Redbox kiosks for $1 each/per day using your credit/debit card. (Return by 9 p.m. the following day to avoid being charged another day.) You can return the DVD to any kiosk.

Find Redbox kiosks near you here

To get free movie rentals:
Use "promo codes" to get DVDs for free. You can use these codes once with each credit/debit card. Make sure to enter the promo code before swiping card {Add Promo Code button}. Please note that Redbox may put a $1 "temporary authorization hold" on your card when using promo codes. 
You CANNOT use a promo code when you have reserved your movie online.

Promo codes:
REDBOX (1st time users)
DATE124 ---I haven't tried this one yet.
CLIMB5 ---I haven't tried this one yet.
DVDATWAG (Walgreens only)
DVDATKROG (Kroger only)
DRIVEIN (Sonic only) 

Join the Redbox text club to receive a promo code good for a free rental on the first Monday of every month. You will receive {Monthly Movie Mondays and Redbox Martketing Alert} codes straight to your phone. 

Check Inside Redbox for updated lists of promo codes.

Read this blog! I'll make sure to let you know when I find new codes and deals! :-)

Redbox Resources:
From home, go online to the Redbox website to browse and reserve movies and to locate kiosks.

On the go, use the free Redbox app on your smartphone to find and reserve movies. The app will use your location to locate the nearest kiosk and allow you to find and reserve movies. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about using Redbox. I will post other ways to score free rentals soon.

{Additional Sources: Inside Redbox, Moms By Heart.Net

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