June 30, 2010

Free lettuce wrap from P.F.Chang's

Yum! Do you happen to have a dinner date at P.F. Chang's planned any time soon?

P.F. Chang's is offering a free lettuce wrap with purchase of entree! Apparently, some golfers hit some bull's-eyes with golf balls {see story here} and we were all blessed with the opportunity for the free appetizer. Plus, $100,000 was given to charity!

To receive your free lettuce wrap coupon, go to the P.F. Chang's site, enter your email address, and you will be emailed the printable coupon! Offer expires 7/31/10.

I can't wait to use this coupon this weekend with my friends! Wooohoo! Good free food!

Thanks, MoJo Savings! Y'all are my favorite!


  1. I just sent in my email address so I'm waiting for my coupon too. I'm glad the group of golfers hit the target. Woot, woot! Happier still I decided to poke my head in here today. Smiles.


  2. Great! I got mine pretty soon after I submitted my email address. Have you gotten yours yet?


Thanks for the comment love! <3 Rebecca!