June 30, 2010

Free ice cream and a chance to help others!

I'm loving this new offer from Ben & Jerry's and VolunteerMatch! What a fantastic chance to do something good together and get a sweet treat!

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and Target have partnered with VolunteerMatch to assist communities around the nation, but they need your help. Using this provided list from Volunteer Match (search for your area), volunteer in some capacity in your area and you will receive a free coupon for a pint of Berry Voluntary or Brownie Chew Gooder at Target. You will also receive free ice cream coupons to pass on to five friends!

I understand it's probably easiest just to buy the ice cream, but think of how rewarding it will be to volunteer with your significant other, family, and/or friends!

Thank you, MoJo Savings!

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