March 20, 2011

Personal Fun Frugal Date: Our Living Social Ballet Date

Hi all! It's high time I start blogging again about my fun frugal dates! There have been so many I've neglected to share with you.

My boyfriend and I frequently take advantage of Living Social and Groupon deals. We have the app, text each other about deals and often share links to attempt to get one of our deals for free. I often am able to get my deals for free (thanks for using my links!), so he and I often get to go to the movies or eat out for free! It's definitely a blessing since we are both on pretty tight budgets right now. {I have a goal set for my savings account, so I'm trying to save every penny!} Fortunately, we both have similar budget/savings styles, so he appreciates a good deal as much as I do.

We've now go on, what I would call, Living Social dates. For example, last night he took me to the local ballet for half what he would normally would be charged. I loved it...granted, he's a guy and he took me out of love instead of a strong desire to see men dancing around in tights. It was a very special date, but it was very interesting getting us there. He bought the tickets and didn't read the fine print that stated he needed to take the Living Social vouchers to a certain building during the week to exchange for tickets. By the time we discovered the fine print, it was the day of the performance. Of course no one answered the phone numbers (or the 10 others he tried) provided on the Living Social voucher. We had a semi-freakout! We didn't want to show up to the venue all dressed up and be turned away because we didn't have tickets. Fortunately, it turned into a happy night when we arrived and Will Call had anticipated people like us and had our tickets set aside. Our panicked freakout turned into something to laugh about later. Moral of the story= check the fine print on your deals!

I have several other deals lined up that I'm very much looking forward to (places and things I wanted to do, but couldn't at full price): a massage he got me for Valentine's Day, a mani/pedi at a spa I treated myself to, free movie rentals, and an evening out to a nice wine bar (maybe with the girlies?). 

Keep a lookout for great deals that could turn your regular date into a fun and frugal one. Watch this site (and the Facebook page) for deals... feel free to use my links to get to your fabulous deal! ;-)

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